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Look beyond the fence July 2, 2007

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An Inspired Work of Art

Watercolor makes you shed tears, but once you come to terms with the medium, it is a rewarding experience. Just as in this painting which is very encouraging for me as a beginner.I hope I had captured the light and atmosphere of the original Milind Mulick’s painting.



1. shucolat - July 17, 2007

hey, your watercolour painting is good! nice lighting effects =)

2. Robyn - August 15, 2007

I think you have a real feel for this medium. Lovely transparency and full of light.

3. watercolorsandmore - August 15, 2007

Thanks Robyn very much.

I am sure I will not give it up. Indeed there are moments when I feel watercolor is the easiest medium; the paradox is it also appears the most difficult. Just as in life, many times the simplest things seem most complicated!


4. lavan - September 20, 2007

hey its simply superb!!!!!!!!!! hope to see many more…

5. raja chhabra - December 22, 2007

i am a big fan of yours in your paintings there is a charm which makes my eyes feel cool……..i am also a painter i want to be like u bless me

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