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Autumn lane August 30, 2007

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Autumn lane

This is an attempt of Geoff Kersey’s autumn lane. His video demonstration is available on thepaintinganddrawingchannel.com.

Though my work is not comparable to the original and looks most part a lot of mud, I have so many positives to take from it and it has given me the confidence to improve further, and I hope to post an improved version later.

The channel’s schedule for September includes programmes featuring artists such as Frank Halliday, Linda Kemp, Bente King, Richard Taylor, Jill Bays, Arnold Lowrey, Hazel Soan, and themes such as landscapes, botanical art, drawing workshops, painting buildings, acrylics and so on. So much in store for the art student.



1. BethG - June 24, 2009

a good first effort. He is a very good teacher, isn’t he. Look forward to your next effort

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