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I am Raghu from India, mostly a self-taught artist working as a journalist. I am passionate about watercolors as the medium is dynamic and demands a high sense of rhythm and alertness. This site will feature my progress in the medium and also anything related to the learning process in other art media as well.  



1. Sam Dantzler - August 30, 2009

I would like to find out if the portrait Blue Pathway is copyrighted. I would like to use it for my website, I am more than will to add your sites name and image information on the site if possible.

2. Pankhuri - April 2, 2010

Hey Raghu,

Its a beautiful blog. Thanks a lot for sharing these paintings!

3. Gunjan Ahlawat - December 8, 2010

Hi, M trying to get in touch with one of your contacts on Flickr, named MY WATERCOLOR, for one his painting for a book cover. Wondering if you have any of his contact detail? http://www.flickr.com/photos/28956044@N04/2705062435/in/photostream/

Thanks alot

watercolorsandmore - December 8, 2010

Hi, I don’t have any details. May be you can comment on his work at flickr and also ask for the details.

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